Achmat Hassiem – Osumo Brand Ambassador

“I am just Achmat Hassiem I try and see myself as a person who wants to enjoy life and consider myself a positive, go-getter who simply wants to live every day to the fullest.”

“I always say that on the day of my shark attack I was in the wrong place at the right time. If I wasn’t there anything could have happened to my brother and loosing my would be nothing compared to losing the life of my brother – now I look at the rewards that have been given as a result of losing my leg and I know it is important to use my personality to make the most of every day,” says Achmat.

“I treasure my prosthetic leg and I love it. Being a disabled person that was once able-bodied I can say nothing has changed, I still play cricket and soccer with the community in the streets at night and carry on as I used to. Life has graced me and God has graced me, and the opportunities to represent my country the position I am in has given me are simply amazing,” he adds.

Achmat says he used to watch the Stormers and the Springbok rugby squads and wish that he could represent his country; today he is the captain of the Western Province swimming team and has fulfilled his dream of representing his country and donning the green and gold.

“Today I travel all over the world to represent South Africa and I just got back from London with a medal and all of this is because of a shark attack and a positive attitude. The way I see it, it is my dream to inspire people, yes a 4,5m Great White attacked me but I still go out there and am positive in all that I do,” he says. “People think that it is impossible to change the world. But nothing is impossible, possible is you and I.”

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