Reward your good choices!

The Osumo Loyalty Card is our way of saying thank you; thank you for supporting Osumo and all that we stand for… and thank you for supporting your own balanced lifestyle.

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Still deciding?

Ask for your Osumo loyalty card the next time you’re in-store and start enjoying great discounts.

How to earn points:

  • Every time you enjoy a drink, snack or meal at Osumo, simply hand your card to the cashier when paying your bill.
  • Your cashier will swipe your card and you will earn 5% of the value of your bill in points.

How to redeem points:

  • Just 72 hours of having earned your points, they are yours to spend at any Osumo branch.
  • Simply hand your card to the cashier when paying for your bill and indicate the value you wish to redeem.
  • You can accumulate as many points as you like before cashing in!
  • Check your point balance at the OSUMO counter or login here.